Friday, September 08, 2006

Yes yes yes, this is my kitten. and this is my last blog. (hurrayhurray!)
i put him here coz i can't think of anything else to say.
my brain is stuck, totally stuck due to the exams we did, and the essays we have done this week.

Tomorrow is the last day for this semester, everyone is going home, home sweet home. EVERYONE, accept me. i'm the only one who havn't went home, yet. (or may be kenta as well)
This semester, we had easy and difficult time. we had semiotics, film making, rupert murdoch, political j blogger, marxism that we hated a lot, colonialism and imperialism that we even more hated, and the podcast. Something is a lot more fun than the previous semesters, such as film making and podcasting. On the other hand, something is frastrating and annoying putting us into a really really hard time.

but but but, it's over.
everything is over. No matter how i struggled, how i hate the assignments, how disgusting i felt when i was doing my homeworks, i feel proud of myself. hey class, we succeed again, the third time. We have proven to ourself and others that we can do something. The another 12 weeks, we have been studied together, even though we rarely chat, the boys and girls rarely sit together and we have never ever went to somewhere after class (not ever for a cup of coffee).

see you guys next semester. lets prepare to fight to struggle to disappoint to get excited and most importantly, prepare to persuade some of our teachers to "forever-ly" cancel some of our assignments.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Right after i've mentioned on Great Barrier Reef, diving and death.

Australian naturalist and television personality Steve Irwin,44 has been killed by a stingray after being struck in the chest by the stingray's barb while he was filming a documentary in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef.

Some (
mikeal) regarded he as the bravest man in the world, some thinks steve is crazy and is too aggressive to animal that humiliates Australian. I say he truely admires those dangeous animal, but expresses the admiration in a very different way.

I used to watch his TV programme from the Animal Planet. At that time, i frequently asked myself how can such a guy referred the crocodile as "beautiful" while they are trying to kill him. How can he put his most loved son in front of these fiercious animal, just like Michael Jackson. Why he still has to do such a dangeous job that he will properly got killed in every single second, even though he has already earned a large sum of fortune.

Sometimes later, i conclude, he truely admire these animal while they are showing their primitive instinct. He enjoys his job, crazily. and he died doing what he loved.

His death, to me, is dramatic, is shock, is sad. We, Australian loss him. Loss another person who is so enthusiastic to protect the nature, in a blink.
This, however, also reminds us how short human's life can be. It reminds us to treasure every single second we live, do not regret after our chance vanished.

In any sense,
'The Crocodile Hunter' will be remembered for his many contributions, and lives in our heart.

Friday, September 01, 2006

i want to go diving. must go somedays.
what about the Great Barrier Reef.

that reminds me a film, which i've watched quite a long time ago.


It's a movie based on the true story of two scuba divers accidentally stranded in shark infested waters after their tour boat has left them. The film depicts how the two divers struggle to survive. They hope, fear, stocked, and then, despair.

The very moment i watched this film, i told myself:
"It is such a crap movie. so boring, so meaningless. And the whole movie only talk about two people floating on the sea!"

But now, i think back.
The movie touches my soul. It makes me think a lot, again and again.
Their fear, i can recall from my mind.

That's right, russel
some movies can stimulate viewer's sensation, but after that, people hardly remember what the film is about.
on the other hand,
some doesn't contain explosive effects and images, but it makes people think. around and around in their head.

I want my life that way as well
makes people think, influences them. Not just stimulate somebody's sense for like, a minute, and that's it.

(that's what i want to say, though i don't know what i had said.)


i want to go diving, but i am so scare, scare of sharks scare of being left over the sea scare of dieing.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my future is ruined!

I dreamed for my future. I wanted to be a flight attendance.
Flying all over the world, across the pacific sea, far away from my own country, landing somewhere I’ve never ever reached and through the pupil of my eyes, I witness this amazing earth.

when I come to 19, I know and I knew very well that my dream is ruined.
ok thanks.

Yes, that’s me. The shortest one.
Where people go shooting for a film with those professional Digital Video Camera, looking professionally; I look like a child with some big big machine that totally DO NOT make me look like a director.

So, I asked myself, is this really true that my future is ruined, and I’m being limited from many aspect of my life due my physical outlook?

Sometimes I will think of that way.
The community is always containing a set of dominant ideology, and this set of ideology changes through century. Just like a fashion trend.
The dominant ideology is beneficial to only a particular group of people, and people outside that particular group will not enjoy any of the benefits, and not be admired.

But, here comes the point.
By breaking away from the tradition, and win people’s
admiration, we gain the real success.

Who says Chinese cannot be a successful director. Who says short girls are not attractive.

See, Ang Lee, although he is a Chinese, he won the Oscar Best Director Prize in last year. His success does not come from what people believe, but from himself and his ability. This success is far more treasurable and meaningful. And is a good proof to the westerners that they are not always the best.

I know people who are Chinese, who are Black who are Fat who are Short who are bald who can’t talk can’t see can’t walk, will have to work much more harder to gain the world’s approval. Yes, that’s unfair, but that’s also the prime reason why we should work hard, to show the entire world we are nothing worse than you, we can be as intelligent as you guys, and even more.

(I think I can explain my idea much more clearly in Chinese, but anyway, I hope you may understand what I am trying to tell)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I know it's a bit outdated. and,i am so much regreted that i havn't watched it in cinema.
Whatever, ALL MEDIA STUDENTS please watch this.

V for Vendetta, by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving. It's all about a story of a terriorist trying to set free the people and protect the country from being over control by the government. That's it, not a special one, but shoot in an awesome way, with sooo many intelligent dialogues.

Ok, may be there's someone out there who regard Big Brother 1984 as "damned boring", but not on this one, not this time no no no, though V for Vendetta is a "cooler", modern and colored version of 1984.

It is such an intelligent movie. can't describe.
By the way, I really pretty very fancy Natalie Portman. I like her with bareheaded.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Caution: Pig Kills

Not saying the wild pig, but the farm pig.
Here’s another excuse for myself disliking the-dirtiest-fattest-laziest-and-stupidest-specie-in-the-world, probably PIG (and the creepiest will be all kind of insect).

Chinese morning post 10 june.
41 years old 170cm tall old woman, was found dead inside the pigsty. Meanwhile, 1 pig (which she has kept for 7 years) was eating her eye and the other 3 were nearly finished eating up her internal organs.

Dajiyuan (Chinese’s newspaper) 29 june.
73 years old man was eaten by a-old-female-farmland-pig, which he has kept for over 5 years. Nothing left, but only his bones.

Yumi Hori (my friend) 27 july.
Pigs are actually as clever as dog. And they are clean! (Ok, enough. They are not clean, I do not believe.)

We eat pork, and some days later…pork eats us.
and therefore, here’s a piece of advice, do not keep Guinea Pig.
Believe me, they are not cute.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Paddington Market.
my oh my i love this place. this market.

so damn sunny after the rainning days
so cool
so gorgerous, which can't describe
feel so draggy that haven't been to such a place

now, wanna travel somewere else.